Yellowstone Capital LLC Invites ISOs To Join Our Winning Team

Becoming an ISO partner with Yellowstone Capital LLC is Easy

The job of an ISO, or Independent Sales Organization, is to represent small businesses to funders. After establishing a connection, the funders lend money to help these businesses achieve their goals and financial stability. The ISO acts as the “agent” or liaison between the business and the funder, making a commision in the process.

Many funders do not value their ISO partners, and treat them accordingly. That is why partnering with the right funder that values this relationship is crucial. At Yellowstone Capital LLC, we value our ISO partners and provide them with many benefits.

Joining Yellowstone Capital LLC as an ISO means you will enjoy:

  • Closing more deals
  • Making the highest commissions in the industry
  • Receiving the highest levels of support
  • Drawing from our experience
  • Getting the capital faster

ISOs who are ready to partner with Yellowstone Capital LLC:

Get in touch with Yellowstone Capital LLC if you are interested in receiving further details about our ISO program.

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