Yellowstone Capital LLC: Scams Against MCA Lenders Information

How does Yellowstone Capital LLC work with ISOs to stop scams against lenders?

Merchant cash advance funding companies, such as Yellowstone Capital LLC, have to deal with an increase in scams being perpetrated against them. Scammers aim to defraud the funding companies by borrowing money, appearing as reputable applicants, but never intending to pay it back.

These schemes against MCA lenders, like Yellowstone Capital LLC, can have a far reaching negative impact on lenders, many times bringing the business to a close. As such, Yellowstone Capital LLC takes these offenses very seriously, and works closely with its ISO partners to stop scams even before they start.

Yellowstone Capital LLC relies on its ISO partners to help combat scams. The ISOs who partner with Yellowstone Capital LLC adhere to our high standards and to working towards a scam and fraud free industry.

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