Yellowstone Capital LLC: Merchant Fraud Against Lenders Information

How does Yellowstone Capital LLC work with ISOs to fight merchant fraud against lenders?

Funders including Yellowstone Capital LLC, increasingly have to worry about merchant fraud. What typically happens is that scammers posing as merchants defraud the lending companies by borrowing money but never intending to pay it back. This fraud can take on many variations, and the damage can be very severe to the victim, which in this case is MCA lender.

Yellowstone Capital LLC is dedicated to fighting this type of fraud and relies on its ISO partners to help. All ISOs that partner with Yellowstone Capital LLC should be assured that we take all measures to combat fraud against lenders by working closely with ISO’s, using the latest technology, and by doing its homework. The ISOs who partner with Yellowstone Capital LLC adhere to our high standards of working towards a fraud free industry.

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